On March 10, 2018 the first Clean Water 5k was held along the Arkansas River in Wichita, Kan. to raise money for the installation of a borehole well in a village in Malaysia. The race was led by members of the missions council at Wichita First Church of the Nazarene, sponsored by a variety of Wichita businesses, coordinated by the Timer Guys and run by more than 130 runners, joggers and walkers. Below is a description and photos of the results of our fundraising efforts!


This report gives a summary of the Kasungu Boreholes from drilling, Installation of the pump and completion of the work. It also has a presentation of the challenges community faced before the borehole and how the borehole will help the community. Two testimonies follow before the summary of the amounts used for complete borehole.


Kasungu Church of the Nazarene is located at Chipanga Village 7 Kilometers away from the main district. Kasungu is a dry area. Our church is right at the middle of Chipanga area with more than 800 families residing in the area.

The Church was established around 2000 under the leadership of Rev. W. Kapasule. It was started after a request from the community when they heard Holiness message during Jesus Film. After showing the film for three days, chiefs in the area requested the Church leadership to start church.

This is a community that has survived without clean water for a very long time. The District Council has also failed to give the people City Water. People in this area depend on water from the nearby stream which still has water that flows and helps the community. The main challenge is that the water is not clean.


  1. Clean water scarcity such that women had to walk for a long distance to get water
  2. Waterborne diseases
  3. Lack of clean water
  4. Women could be raped because rivers are far from the community
  5. Families could be affected because women could spend most of the time trying to get water and this could make men unhappy.
  6. Lack of clean water had affected highly the lives children in various ways:
  • They failed to continue their school due to time being spent in fetching water from afar
  • Due to unclean water, diseases from worms remained unpreventable.


The drilling company that was approved by NCM Africa to do the work was paid late March 2018. Early April , they came for site identification. On the 5th April, there drilling work begun and was completed on the same day after drilling for 60 meters.


Immediately after drilling, Nkhamanga Company engaged in civil engineering work. They started with treating water to make sure that it`s clean and they installed the pipes. After this work of installation, pump was fixed and the finishing work was done.

Training for the well users was conducted by the Saifro Limited. Five members from the church and three representative from the community participated in the training. The following are areas that were focused during the training:

  1. On how to identify the problem in case damage occurs,
  2. On how to repair or replace a damaged part.
  3. How to manage a borehole especially on keeping it safe and clean

A starter pack of tools and spares were then presented to the team together with a booklet (Borehole manual book) written in local language that has all ways of using a borehole.


Mrs. Anne’s Binauli

“We thank God for the Church of the Nazarene for giving us water. We were dying from waterborne diseases because our water was not clean. Sometimes we could walk for a long distance to get water. But now we have water in our community at the door step. This will change our lives because we will not suffer from sicknesses that come due to unclean water.” 

Mr. Zulu

“Our people were dying from Cholera. Government’s health representatives came to see our area and we were promised by politicians that clean water will come. This however did not materialize since nothing happened. When we heard that the church was bringing water here, we were more than excited. We would like to thank Wakita Church of the Nazarene for coming to give us the water. As acommunity, we will work together to keep this well safe so that generations to come will find it providing water.”

NCM Malawi would like to thank the Wichita Church of the Nazarene for the borehole. May the good Lord bless you!

Report Prepared by: Chinsinsi Phiri


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