Faith Promise = Global Impact

Each year, we make a promise in faith to join in what God is doing around the world. It’s called Faith Promise.

Our goal?

Give away $200,000 locally and globally through impactful and compassionate ministries around the world.

See the pictures below for what you did last year!


Through, you built 21 wells bringing clean water to thousands in Malawi, Kenya, Cote d’ Ivoire, and Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa where the average distance a person walks for dirty water is just over 3 miles. 


Your Faith Promise funds are helping bring disaster relief to many people in Ukraine, who are suffering through a brutal war. Days after the invasion, Ukrainian pastors quickly connected with one another and missionaries in neighboring countries to create a pathway for aid, food, transportation, and shelter for those caught in the chaos of war. For months on end, these leaders have been risking their own safety and comfort to befriend and accompany so many hurting people. Your Faith Promise gifts helped with this effort.


You paid for and framed a house for a single mom and her 4 kids in partnership with Wichita Habitat for Humanity. This is our sixth Habitat home in six years.


You supported a network of missionaries throughout the world through the global Church of the Nazarene who serve in 164 countries spreading the message of God’s love.


We are excited to fund a Child Development Center in Malawi, Africa. The local church has been operating this center without funding for a few years, but our help will enable them to feed the children multiple times per week, buy teaching materials, and support teachers with training and a stipend. One of our Clean Water wells is outside of this local church and Child Development Center. The well and the Child Development Center bring hope and life to this impoverished area.


Because of your support, we have been able to expand our our partnerships with 3 local ministries: Living Waters Food Pantry, Youth For Christ, and Linwood Elementary School.


You co-sponsored a Jesus Film team in Malawi, Africa this year. Jesus Film Harvest Partners has over 900 teams at work throughout the globe, and our MALAWI team is one of them! Jesus Film teams travel village to village to give every person an opportunity to hear about Christ—even people who live in remote, oral, unreached, and unengaged communities and cultures.  Most of the growth within our global church over the past twenty years has been as a result of this ministry.


Your Faith Promise gifts helped fund several projects on our mission trip to Malawi, Africa this summer. Along with our brothers and sisters in Malawi, we started work on a new church building in Lilongwe, Malawi—a church that is experiencing rapid growth since one of our Clean Water wells was installed last year. This vibrant church receives a multitude of visitors daily as people come to draw water at the well. The church has outgrown their current building, which will be repurposed for classrooms.

Your Faith Promise funds also sponsored an all-day training session for a hundred pastors in Malawi lead by Pastor Scott.


Your Faith Promise gifts funded work several projects on our mission trip to El Paso early this summer. We helped distribute needed items to the community at Mission EL Paso Compassionate Center and also helped with multiple construction projects at the Nazarene Border Initiative Wenda House. We also left a beautiful Wichita/El Paso mural on their mural wall, created by one of our team members who happens to be an artist.


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