by Rhonda Loucks

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 2.36.17 PMWhat promises have I made in the past that I have not fulfilled? What regrets do I have that I might be able to bring?

What better possible verse is there for a new year?

All of us have so many regrets and things to repent from regarding 2015. But, because we believe in the power of Jesus Christ to transform people, we can know that each of us has the ability to choose to begin again. It does not matter what sin you have committed. God forgives.

Personally, I do not want to carry around the load that I carried last year. Some was sin and some was – well, let’s just call them moods of frustration. No matter what I call them, they broke me in ways that caused me to put a wall between me and my Lord.

So, like Paul, I have searched my heart and asked God to help me see the things that just need to go. I have repented of everything He has shown me, and though extremely embarrassed and saddened by my still great lacking, I know that I am made new. And in that knowing I find great strength and joy.

Would you join me this year by starting with an obedience of repentance? Can I ask you to die with me; maybe even each day, if it is so required?

Search your life, remembering always that God still has more grace for you, and that satan will do what he can to make you feel worthless as you think through these things.

  • Spend some time with the Lord in scripture and prayer answering these questions:
  • What things must end about the way I live?
  • Who in my life needs to hear me bring closure to something?
  • What things must stop in my marriage?
  • What things must I bring to my marriage that I have not before?
  • How should my life as a parent change?
  • What do I own that would be hard for me to let go of?
  • How should my life in the church, in the Church, in my community change?
  • What things has the Lord talked to me about that I must now seriously reconsider?
  • What characteristic of Christ is knowingly missing from my life?
  • What are the fruits of my life?
  • Am I open to anything He asks of me?

Love in Jesus Christ our Lord, remembering that I am just another sinner saved by His amazing gift of grace.

Rhonda D. Loucks is an author, wife, mother, Sunday School teacher and member of Wichita First Church of the Nazarene. More of her writings are available at


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