church doorLiving Waters is one of the doors to the church.

Last month a teenage boy got home from track practice after his family had already left for the Living Waters Worship service. So he rode his bike ALL THE WAY from south Broadway to our church to get to Area 51 so he wouldn’t miss it.

Last week, several kids of families that attend Living Waters Worship were part of the Caravans awards ceremony after becoming involved in Caravans this year.

Several others from Living Waters Ministries are now attending Sunday School, Wednesday chapel and Sunday morning church.

Each ministry in our church works together and each ministry is growing as a result. How exciting!!

Living Waters is one of the doors to the church. Thank you for your giving, service, and prayers that help keep this door open. Because when those that are lost and hurting walk through these doors, we have the chance to introduce them to our wonderful family of God.

Check out more information, details on how to get involved and upcoming events in our Living Waters newsletter – May 22, 2014.


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