21 Days of Spirituality

The heart of Christian spirituality is putting into practice the patterns, teaching, and spirit of Jesus Christ in your own life. That changes you, making spirituality the heart and hub of life. Life becomes sacred, something you begin to receive more and more as a gift from God.
There are some basic spiritual practices that open you to a different spirit, a different approach to life. This difference in Christian spirituality is known as sanctification, the process of God transforming your life.
These practices are simple and ancient, accessible and time-tested, relevant and real. They are simple, but as anyone who’s made changes in their life will tell you, it’s the simple things done repeatedly that bring change.
Do these five practices for 21 days. Consider it soul exploration. Be open. Reach out for God. God is reaching out for you. Practice them–doing them well some days, not so well others, as all practice is–as a way to say yes to your own transformation.

Five Transformational Practices

  • #1 READ or LISTEN to the Bible daily for 21 days. Download the YouVersion app. Find the plan titled “21 Days of Discipleship”. This is how you’ll access reading the Bible. Not a reader? The app lets you listen to the passages.
  • #2 DISCUSS by being part of a small group. During the 21 days, meet 1X/ week with a handful of people and have regular spiritual conversation–talk about the important things; God, life, and meaning. Visit firstnaz.org/groups to join an existing group or email Dave Curry, Director of Groups (David.curry@firstnaz.org) to get help starting one.
  • #3 PRAY. Talk to and open yourself to God through prayer. Use the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:7-13) as a guide. Jesus said it’s the way to pray. It’s a prayer template that starts with God, goes to your needs, and asks for help. Many people find it helpful to set a routine time first thing in the morning to read the Bible and pray.
  • #4 WORSHIP. Show up each week to worship at 11AM on Sundays. The sermon series is called A Spiritual Life, and you’ll learn about what it means to live a spiritual life the way Christians have done for 2,000 years.
  • #5 DO. This is basic action from the teaching of Jesus. And it’s about doing something you sense God is telling you. Forgiving someone, overlooking a slight, give help where it’s not earned— whatever it is that you understand God is opening a door to do, do it in that moment. Action is at the heart of a spiritual life.


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